more crochet and an altered dress

i made another scarf from stitch 'n bitch crochet: the happy hooker, by debbie stoller:

it's the garden scarf pattern, and i used a debbie bliss cotton angora that i used for this sweater. the yarn seemed nice when i bought it but was a little disappointing because it sheds like crazy! everywhere i wore the sweater, i'd leave behind little balls of fuzzy angora. but i figured this would a good way to use up the yarn and am hoping the scarf won't shed as much as the hoodie (but maybe i'm wrong about this). because it's way too hot right now, i won't be able to wear it to see. so far, crochet seems to be a good way for me to use up my knitting stash though...

i also have a dress that is a work in progress:

beforeafter: zipper backafter: zipper front
the waist was too big so i sewed a couple of darts at the side to take it in, but you could see through the fabric because it's sheer. next, i tried to sew some strips of elastic to take it in a little. however, the fabric was kind of stretchy and wrinkled, so i'm not sure that i ended up taking it in as much as i wanted, and i'm not sure if i'm happy with the result. i've tried wearing the dress both forwards and backwards, i think it could work either way, but i'm looking for suggestions about how to make it fit better. any ideas?


my first crochet and a jeans2skirt

this week, i learned to crochet! it had been my goal this summer to learn to crochet---i am a knitter and thought that crocheting would be useful to know so that i could add and embellish to my knitting projects and also because i like the look of crocheted flowers and hats. i bought stitch 'n bitch crochet: the happy hooker, by debbie stoller, and with a little help from someone in a yarn store, i learned the single crochet stitch and made a scarf:

i used rowan calmer (a gorgeous cotton blend yarn that's soooo soft) in blush and powder puff. i like the book---it has some great patterns and the instructions and illustrations are very clear for a beginner like me.

i also took some men's jeans and converted them into a skirt:

the waist was way too big (even for a low waisted skirt) so i sewed a couple of darts in the back to take it in a little.

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