button down shirt to mini dress

IMG_3691.CR2 IMG_3690.CR2

i took one of j's large, oversized shirts and made it into a mini dress. now that i look at it in the photos, it looks more like i'm wearing a large shirt than a dress. oh well. anyway, to make it, i cut a lot out of the body of the shirt on either side and reattached the sleeves, making them into puff sleeves (gathered before i resewed them on). the final product looks really simple, but i did try variations that i didn't like (elastic at the waist---made it look puffy and unflattering; a back panel to run a belt through along the back---didn't gather smoothly enough) to try to get it more fitted looking (but not too fitted). in the end, i just took in the sides even more and added 2 darts in the back. i plan to wear it with leggings and boots (as pictured) or over jeans, and i like it b/c it's cozy and comfy. i'm always on the lookout for mini dresses, long tops/tunics that i can wear over yoga clothes or just to wear out.


figure drawing class, week 3

some drawings from this week's class (full set):

IMG_3216.CR2 (1)
3 min pose
IMG_3202.CR2 (2)
3 min warmup
IMG_3202.CR2 (1)
3 min warmup
3 min poses
15 min pose

we did a series of 1 min drawings where we observed the figure for 3 seconds and then drew from memory for 57 seconds (not pictured above, but included in the full set). that was a challenging but interesting exercise.

we also had our longest pose so far for 15 minutes. i feel like the longer i draw, the worse my drawing gets. but that was good for me to try too, the idea is that you spend more time on tone---trying to model the figure with light and shadow.


figure drawing class, week 2

here are drawings from my second week of figure drawing class:

5-min poses
5-min poses
8-min poses
8-min poses
1-min gesture
30-sec, left hand
30-sec, right hand

here is the full set.

we discussed the idea of constructing the figure using 3d forms (spheres, cylinders, and cubes) and also of breaking away from preconceived notions that we have about drawing in order to push to a higher level of understanding and observation.


figure drawing class

i started to get somewhat frustrated with my attempts to draw recenty, and my friend suggested that i take a figure drawing class. i thought about it and decided it would be a good idea for me to get some practice and instruction in a structured environment. the first class was on friday---all day long! i expected to be exhausted, but it wasn't that bad. here are some of my drawings:

overall composition
single figure composition
1-min gesture
1-min gesture

for more, see my flickr set

also, as a follow-up from last week, i bought a wacom tablet and re-painted my self-caricature:


it's definitely soooo much easier to paint with the wacom tablet than it is with the mouse...


self-caricature (again)

i tried another version of a self-caricature based on this photo, taken by jrmyst.

IMG_3042.CR2.03.bw IMG_3042.CR2.paint

i like the pencil version better than the color one---something seems kind of unnatural around the mouth/lip area for some reason---maybe it is overly-pronounced? anyway, i feel like it resembles me less than the pencil version. in the pencil one, i scanned in the original drawing and made a few tweaks/adjustments in photoshop, including adding eye/hair color and playing with proportions/angles a bit.


2009.02.28.thing.a.day: crochet bomb

today i remade the bomb pet that i made before, but this time, i crocheted instead of knitting, as per robinde's suggestion:


he is much tinier than his knit cousin, and he kind of looks like he's wearing a beret, but that's ok, i like him too.

i'm sad that today is the last day of tad, i've enjoyed it. i'm going to continue to try to create, maybe not every day, but hopefully not too infrequently. you can find me on my blog. until next year...

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2009.02.27.thing.a.day: mount wilson

today i shot some photos around sunset:

for more, see my flickr photo set.

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2009.02.26.thing.a.day: pet bomb

here is the finished pet bomb from yesterday:


i trying to improvise and make the spherical body by modifying the elephant that i knit before, but i wasn't counting my stitches or paying close attention and ended up with a HUGE sphere, not at all what i was imagining, so i had to frog everything and start over. i worked everything out on paper before i started knitting again the second time, and it went much more smoothly. i think that was probably a good lesson for me to learn for future projects. i do that when i sew, but it's much easier to fix/redo things than in knitting, so i think i can't work in such a free-form manner when knitting...

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2009.02.25.thing.a.day: knitting work-in-progress

i started to knit something today, but it doesn't look like i'll be able to finish, so i'm posting a wip, which i don't normally like to do, but here it is anyway. i'm knitting a pet bomb---here is the start of it, as well as 2 drawings of what i'm considering. one possibility would be to have the bomb upright with 2 eyes; another would be to make the top part it's nose and add 2 eyes. i might add feet too. i'm basing the body on how i knit the elephant head/trunk, with some modifications. also, i'll knit a fuse when i'm done in orange or orangey-yellow:



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2009.02.25.thing.a.day: more night photos

i took some more night photos today on the roof of our apartment complex:

the figure is about 2 inches high, and he's from the dudson's modern tales toy series by nathan jurevicius.

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2009.02.23.thing.a.day: mr. ice cream cone

today i experimented with some soft pastels that i bought recently. i've never used them before but liked them. i took a wayne thiebaud painting that i like as a inspiration but tried to alter the color palette:


because i was working with a set of indian summer colors, i found that i couldn't get some of the colors that i was looking for (richer dark blue shadows, etc.). i like how the pastels blend better than color pencils, but it's hard to get fine control/detail with them, i found.

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2009.02.02.thing.a.day: pink Jesus

today i photographed a pink Jesus action figure:


i was planning to try to greenscreen the figure and paint a background in photoshop or using watercolor pencils, but i thought the pink and green color combination was pleasing, so i left it the way it was. i used a 60 mm macro lens from a low angle to shoot. he is sitting on a curved piece of green posterboard and is lit from one side with a fill card on the opposite side. he's about 2 inches tall.

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2009.02.21.thing.a.day: eat a bowl of lollipop

i was feeling lazy today because i spent most of the day yesterday knitting my pink elephant. all i did was take a photo of a lollipop that i'm having for dessert:


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2009.02.20.thing.a.day: pink elephant

here is the elephant i started to knit yesterday and finished today:

IMG_2939.CR2 it took much longer to knit than i thought it would. it kind of looks like a cross between an aardvark, a piglet, and maybe an elephant somewhere in there, but i kinda like him. i put some eyelashes (making it a her) but it looked scary and freakish looking, so i took them off. this the pattern that i used, it's one that's been sitting in my ravelry queue for a LONG time...

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2009.02.19.thing.a.day: bignoh

today, i started to knit an elephant, but i didn't finish it in time, so i took a photo for my post instead:


i liked that there is both real and fake condensation on the cup.

i'll try to post my elephant tomorrow.

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2009.02.18.thing.a.day: lighting exercise

today, i tried to light a reflective object on a reflective surface:


i got the idea from this tutorial. i think that i didn't light the background strongly enough and/or the angle that i took the picture from was maybe a little too high. i had other examples where the background blended better, but the clock didn't look as good. i'm going to try to read a little more about lighting metal and try again maybe.

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2009.02.07.thing.a.day: mr. house

it's working out pretty well that whenever i can't think of anything to make, i can make more cute stuff. tonight, i made mr. house to go along with the rest of the set. i only have mr. office left unless i want to add other ones. mr. bicycle maybe?


i modified the design from the book to match the look of the others a little better.

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2009.02.16.thing.a.day: mr. car

today i decided to make more cute stuff and made mr. car to go along with mr. key:


i was too lazy to switch my thread color, but i probably should've as the lines are very prominent and uneven. also, the loop that attaches to the ring isn't sewn on properly, so i'll need to redo that too.

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2009.02.15.thing.a.day: blue rose

i made a blue rose out of duct tape:


here are some instructions. i hope to make a duct tape wallet at some point.

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2009.02.14.thing.a.day: valentine's day card

i made a valentine's day card today---i borrowed the envelope from the card holder that i made the other day, and made tokens to put inside:


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