more hollywood, imperial newt, and nasty pear

all of these photos were taken in natural light. except for the pear, which was taken inside on a tabletop, they were taken on the top floor of my apartment parking garage. the top left shows a general view. the lower left one is a tag that someone etched onto a glass window in my apartment building. i liked the way the warm light contrasted with the deep blue sky behind, and the way the tag is illuminated by the light behind it. the pear was one that i forgot to eat, i snapped a photo before throwing it away. and the newt in the upper right is part of a series by jim woodring called imperial newts. he also has a crazy newts series, i really like both sets and will continue to photograph our collection.
IMG_5807.cc IMG_5851.cc
IMG_5832.cc IMG_5841.cc


tagged! and some more photos

i was tagged by lulu and challenged to describe my live in 6 words. this is what i came up with:

insufficient time and energy for everything

i'm supposed to then tag 6 other ppl, but i don't know that many ppl who blog so i'll have to think about that part a little more and finish that part of the challenge later...

meanwhile, here are some photos:


uf(o)untain . cubees . jrmyst . tomatoes

some more photos a day:
uf(o)untain cubees
jrmyst tomatoes
the first was taken at night where i work, my friend suggested that it looked a little like a ufo, and i agreed...

in my continued effort to document all of the toys/knickknacks in our apartment (and there are many!) i took a photo of my cubee collection. i saw these on flickr and only had 3 had the time but had to have them all after i saw them...

the last two were taken with my new 50mm lens that i got on friday and am excited about. it's going to be my primary lens. this morning, i went to the farmer's market and shot some photos, many of them were blurry/not focused on the right thing. i think it will take some practice, but i like it so far.

one of these days, i'll try to actually make something but that is maybe not going to happen for another week or two...


devil fish ping pong

i'm continuing to try to take a photo a day (pad); here are ones that i took today and yesterday:
  1. devil fish:
  2. ping pong tournament:

    the annual ping pong tournament at my workplace has started again, so there are lots of picture taking opportunities during the day at work. last year, i ended up with lots of blurry/fuzzy photos and/or ones of people's backs. i took the idea for this pic from one of etravus's shots last year, but mine is kinda fuzzy/grainy. but it is still going to count as my photo.a.day for today...


laser skull

here is a skull sitting on top of a laserpod: i like the red color better, but think that the purple one is a better photo.


bug bracelets

practicing more with the 20d; i'm using an efs 60mm macro lens. it was easier to use in daylight today than last night:


tired of piggies yet?

ok, we are probably sick of looking at the same piggies, but i took pics of them again 1. to practice using my new canon 20d that i inherited from my husband (he got a new one); 2. to try to combine the dark background from my first photo with the composition of my second; and 3. because i decided today that i'm going to start taking a photo a day along with my friend risakimu.


more pink piggies and skulls

i took more pics of the pigs in daylight: and another skull:


skull with pink bunny and piggies

i was having a crappy day today, so my husband surprised me with a piggie keychain that kind of matches the lighter he gave me before... when you press the button its head, 2 bright blue led beams shoot out of its nose. i don't recommend shining it in your face when you do that... yesterday, i tried to take a photo of a bunch of toy skulls that we have acquired, but i wasn't happy with the result. here is just one of them:


la marathon

la marathon runners went past my apartment complex this morning, i went to the roof to take some pics:
there are more pics on my flickr page.


self-portrait and blog redos

i'm going to keep trying to keep making/creating things even though thing.a.day 2008 has ended. it might not happen every day, but i'm hoping to post a couple/few times a week at least.

i thought since i'm planning to post to my blog more, i should update it a little... i created a blogger profile, added a description (for [ knitting . sewing . photography . crafty . creative ] things) on the banner, and added some links/buttons along the side menu (for thing.a.day and people).


today i applied some of the photoshop tricks that i learned during last month and re-photoshopped one my self-portraits (also shot last month):

old new

the new image has more pronounced depth of field and better matte edges, but the levels/balance might be a little off compared to the old one---i need to view it with a better monitor than the one i have at home in order to tell.