christmas cthulhu

christmas cthulhu
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i knit a cthulhu doll for j for christmas this year. it's from creepy cute crochet, which lanaconqueso showed me, and i ended up buying, despite the fact that i'm trying not to buy anymore craft books until i make at least one thing from each of the books that i own. i'm not that good at crocheting, so he is a little misshapen in parts, and his wings aren't really wing-shaped, but that's ok, it makes him one of a kind, i guess.

i experimented with a makeshift light tent with some success, but i'd like to work with it more. i was getting double shadows on the ground, plus, i couldn't get good shaping, which i guess is part of what happens if your subject is evenly lit from all sides. also, the top of my setup is open and exposed, which i think isn't supposed to be.


photo backlog

it's been FOREVER since i posted, i'll try to be better about it. i don't really have anything crafty to document, but i had been trying to keep up with my photo.a.day project for the last 5 months. i hadn't been posting those either, but last night, i caught up from sept. 7. here are some samples:

july: photography workshop continued, shooting 'red' things
IMG_0514.cc.jpg IMG_0547.cc.jpg
august: alligator clip and korean melon
IMG_1289.cc IMG_1369.cc
september: art gallery patron and parking lot light
IMG_1715.cc IMG_1673.cc
october: international rose garden in portland, OR
IMG_2411.CR2 IMG_2395.CR2
november: pomegranate seeds, toddler eating pomegranate seeds
P1020418.JPG P1020794.JPG

i missed a few days here and there and am trying to come up with a way to make up the photos, does anyone have an ideas? i thought about trying to think of something significant that happened that day (although i may not remember)---either to myself or something that happened in the world, and trying to recreate or take a photo that is reminiscent of it. or maybe picking a theme like letters of the alphabet or numbers or colors (either a single color or different ones), etc.


drip drop


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today i tried to photograph water drops. i googled and read a little about doing it and loosely followed some of the techniques. i shot outside in bright sunlight holding a water bottle over the water and shooting in continuous mode. i didn't use a tripod. the water bottle didn't offer enough control, a dropper, as one of the articles suggests, would be a lot better. i don't know if i set my focus point carefully enough, so some of my drops were out of focus. i must have taken between 50-100 photos, of which only a few were useable/actually captured drops.


i would try it again maybe using colored lights, a tripod, or other things etc. for a different and possibly more precise effect.

here are more of my results.


photography workshop, crafty things, and more

haven't posted in a while, this is what i've been up to:

photography workshop
shutter speed fstop
la river graffiti microwave piggie
cst tshirt redo mobile
from top to bottom, left to right:

i started taking a photography workshop at lunch once a week. last week (first week) we explored f-stops, and this week, we're working on shutter speed.

  • shutter speed: i captured the fountain image using a fast shutter speed---i'll try to put up an example of the same fountain using a slow shutter speed so that the water looks soft and filmy.
  • f-stops: for dof, i shot a series of varying f-stops. then i photographed a mcdonald's happy meal kung fu panda toy with bokeh. i'm collecting all of them and want to do portraits of each. here are the ones i have so far (along with other pics related to kung fu pandas and/or just to pandas).
next are miscellaneous photos i took as part of my photo a day project.
  • la river graffiti: the first is part of a group that i took along the la river during lunch one day. more can be found here. i had a 50 mm lens which wasn't ideal, it was hard to convey a sense of the space and capture enough of the scene, i might try to go back sometime and shoot with a wider lens.
  • microwave piggie: the second is a microwave splatter screen that robinde gave me. i liked that the entire image is white.
finally, here are a couple of crafty projects.
  • constantine tshirt recon: one is an older tshirt reconstruction that i did, and the photo is part of my effort to document the things i've made. i took the portrait outside using the reflectors that i bought recently.
  • baby mobile: the second is a baby mobile that a few of us made for our friend. we constructed the animals on our own (i made a piggie that i blogged before), then a few of us got together and constructed the mobile from hangers and yarn---we didn't want it to look tacky (handmade, not homemade, as my friend put it)---and were pretty happy with the results.


lazy may

i had a lazy may in that i didn't go very far out of my way to take photos for my photo.a.day project. i mostly documented my daily life---crafts that i made; restaurants that i went to and the food and people that i saw in them; people, places, and things i saw during my commute. here are the results:

crochet hyperbolic plane bullion circle
people moulles amyc
piggies mini bacon piggie splat 1 piggie splat 2
nature lavender bamboo dead leaves tree
misc fish by mel spring cleaning, kitchen vase heels
la kfp bus indy hydrant fish
refashion braveland brooklyn coco candissi orbitron
food dumplings cinnamon tea champagne caprese salad
loco moco dim sum chips and guac congee

flickr set for month of may can be found here...