2011.02.26.tad: maze and circle

today was my first day in a sample making and design sewing class that i'm taking. we learned how to use industrial sewing machines and worked on a maze and circle exercise:


the lines are sewn concentrically 1/4" apart. i think of it like the equivalent of doing scales on the piano, but for sewing. i have used an industrial machine before and have done the same exercises before, but still found the circle to be very challenging. it starts out ok, but when you get to the inside, any flaws in your sewing become much more apparent.

i'm excited about the class. throughout the semester, we will learn a variety of sewing techniques including seams and finishes, curves, bias, hems, hand finishing, plackets, pockets, buttonholes, collars and necklines, and zippers and assemble a notebook with examples of everything we have sewn.

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